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IntelliJoint Surgeon Spotlight:
Dr. Vinay K. Aggarwal

This week we will be attending the 2nd Annual Hip & Knee IEP Fellows and Young Surgeons' Course. As we get set to head to this great event for the 2nd year in a row, we thought we would ask one of last year's attendees what he found valuable as well as some advice for those attending this year.

IntelliJoint Surgical sat down with Dr. Vinay K. Aggarwal for some thoughts on the Hip and Knee IEP as well as some thoughts on Intellijoint Surgical. Dr. Aggarwal was drawn to the Hip & Knee IEP as a first year attending at an academic center. "I felt the speakers and topics were an immediate draw to someone like myself. The conference seemed perfectly geared towards building a practice, working with trainees, marketing yourself, and in general becoming a seasoned arthroplasty attending." said Dr. Aggarwal.

To read the full interview click here:

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